106 Ontario Street

Lofty, 2½ storey, red-brick house with wrap-around verandah having corner rotunda, all supported on slender turned columns, and with period, iron, front fence (c. 1900).


Description – Elevated verandah at front and LH side has turned wooden columns built off wooden piers, with brick piers below floor level. Conical-roofed rotunda, with finial at roof-peak, embellishes verandah . Deck, pickets, and top and bottom rails are quite credible replacements. At ground floor, door, off-set from stairs, is ¾ glazed oak (behind glazed metal storm door) with stained-glass transom above. Small, high-level, stained-glass window exists to RH side. At LH side, large window having square, single-pane lower sash and stained-glass, segmental-arch transom exists centred in projecting bay window at LH side. Lateral windows within bay are typical 1/1 originals (with fake, four-pane dividers, and behind metal storms). At second floor, large 1/1 window is above stairs to verandah, while at bay window to left, 1/1 side windows and central, single-pane, lower sash under leaded-light transom, are as at ground floor. Arches are segmental throughout. Third floor has painted-shingle gable above bay window, built off ornate brackets at eaves below, while soffits are aluminum-clad. Recent 6/6 window is centred within gable under dentilled cornice, with additional shingling in gable-apex. Gable eaves have simple rectangular coffering with deep shingle moulding above. At RH side, an oversize dormer has been added, having 6/6 window, aluminum cladding, and steep, plain, narrow fascia. Roofing is light green asphalt shingles throughout.


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