12 Hurontario Street

Tall, one-storey, red-brick supermarket (Loblaws), detached on all sides and with two-storey block at south side fronting onto parking lot (1990s).


Description – Retail anchor for north end of Main Street is combination of appropriate and inappropriate. Chamfered, south-east corner of building has large, garage-type door under peripheral canopy, suggesting entry to within, but there is, in fact, no entry here. Masonry is red-brick throughout, with traditional elements of plinth, pilasters and decoration at parapet, yet majority of actual street frontage, and entire north elevation, is without street-level windows or doors. Fenestration is typically round-headed, four-pane metal windows, set in single row of soldier-brick voussiors, but these are clerestorey windows only, and lower walls are blank. North elevation on First Street – once a principal street and still a main thoroughfare – has only steel exit doors leading to concrete-slab landings.

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