141 Pine Street

Plain, two-storey, flat-roofed, commercial building built of load-bearing, red rug-brick, with large, ground-floor, masonry infill panel, and with original windows above (c. 1950).


Description – Ground floor comprises large expanse of split-faced concrete units between red, rug-brick piers at either side, and under single course of headers. Piers have single band of concrete at high level, of unknown purpose. Central wall contains single-sash, picture-window with concrete sill and concealed lintel. Door to RH side is fully glazed, in aluminum frame, also with hidden lintel, and wooden panel above entry door contains exhaust vent only. Signage consists of painted lettering on window and simple board at base of second floor. Upper-level fenestration consists of two ABA groups, each comprising 2/1 windows either side of central 4/1window, with taller lower sashes and with wooden mullions between, all behind 1/1 metal storm windows. Flat lintels have brick headers and sills are of pre-cast concrete. Projecting bay at south side contains slab door above flight of concrete steps, with hidden steel lintel, and 4/1 window (behind metal storms) at second floor. A simple, stepped, flashing caps wall-head.

Comments – This simple building is unusual on residential Pine Street and is more typical of lower Hurontario or the secondary east-west street. Although of more recent origin, materials are generally in keeping with heritage streetscape, especially at upper floor, and building is generally in good repair. Altered ground-floor might be re-altered if desired, while upper-level storms should be removed to expose wood windows behind. Signage is very simple, but not unsuitable, though plastic letters are peeling off. Required repairs are re-putty upper sashes and re-glaze LH lower sash.

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