15 to 21 Hurontario Street

‘Carmichael Block’ – Imposing, three storey, polychrome brick, divided by pilasters into seven, diverse bays (c. 1890s).


Ground Floor – Six, buff brick piers divide street level into four units and one doorway to upper floors. Stall risers generally in place, though shop-fronts not original. Very deep board-and-batten cladding at sign level may hide older, shop-front glazing and additional decorative masonry elements. Piers lean considerably to north.


Second Floor – Variety of round-headed windows capped with multiple voussoirs, with projecting brick keystones, all built of buff brick masonry. Stone sills, replacement, metal 1/1 windows with fixed, round-headed sash above. Machicolated, buff-brick beltcourse caps this level. Evidence of movement at south end.


Third Floor – Similar to second floor, but with quadruple course of corbelled buff brick masonry above windows. Evidence of movement as above.

Parapet – Tall, red brick cornice with decorative, buff brick elements, including recessed panels at buttresses, projecting row of crosses, and two, upper, corbelled courses. Modest, metal cornice, with heavy metal flashing above, crowns parapet. Much evidence of settlement at south end, top.


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