162 Ste. Marie Street

Two-storey, post-modern, institutional building with mannered entrance tower. East elevation of building has pre-cast stone base, red-brick ground floor and stuccoed upper walls, with older brick buildings incorporated to west. (c. 1990, and older).


East Elevation – This new building is stylistically foreign to the heritage neighbourhood, but provides a polite and attractive presence. Use of masonry elements at lower levels, including pre-cast base and lintels, and brick parapet above, reflect traditional practices. Similarly, entrance tower, with brick corner piers, reflects traditional porch construction, despite apparently heavy weight of monolithic block above. Interior of tower provides a real surprise, being clad in reclaimed red brick, and having corner buttresses which step in as they rise, with each level capped by an old, bevelled stone copings. Stuccoed upper level at south wing is set back behind parapet, while tall steep gable of wing to north reflects traditional forms. Rhythm of ground floor windows, with upper transoms and asymmetrical mullion (and casement) placement, provides visual interest, while small, square windows at second floor are carefully placed.


South Elevation – South elevation, along Ontario Street, has two older, flat-roofed red-brick buildings to west of new construction. At extreme west, next to lane, is one-storey structure built off concrete-block foundation, having four tall, single-pane, metal-framed windows with tiny metal sills and hidden steel lintels at heads. Masonry is plain throughout, with modest red-and-white sign above windows. Parapet is flashed with deep pre-painted metal flashing. Adjacent building to east is built of older brick, apparently load-bearing, given headers at every sixth course. Wall contains only five, small, square windows, three below and two above, and much of wall is blank, and with no sign of previous apertures. Windows are set close to wall face, and have minimal framing, and hidden, steel lintels above. Parapet has deep metal flashing. To right of this block is recessed entry to new construction, with pair of new metal doors having multiple windows, within glazed metal screen.

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