2 School House Lane

Two-storey, brick-and-stucco building with large, asphalt-shingled, mansard roof (c. 1970).

2 School House Lane, Collingwood

West Elevation – This small, top-heavy building, presently without ground-floor windows to Pine Street, is built against gable of adjacent building to east. Ground floor comprises low, red-brick wall, with thin stone sills across central area suggesting large window may be behind large, ‘olde-style’ sign. Upper wall is of rendered masonry, rising to very broad eaves finished in painted plywood, with prominent, peripheral metal strip-vent. Upper floor has two, triple-sash, casement windows deeply recessed into rustic, brown asphalt shingles.


North Elevation – North side is similar to west, but with half-glazed modern door to left, and simple, bay window to right, and with single, 1/1 window at upper level.


South Elevation – South wall, plainly visible when walking up Pine, is of bare concrete block.

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