201 to 203 Ste. Marie Street

Old, wood-frame, 1½ storey house clad in aluminum siding, with ground-floor picture window, and with more recent, one-storey, pitched-roof addition to north (c. 1890 and later).


Description – Age of southern structure (no. 203) may be guessed from proportions, and from old, 2/2 windows at upper floor, with broad wooden casings and thick wooden sills. Soffits, fascia and shingle moulding are also wooden. Offset of slab-type front door (behind aluminum storm) suggests large picture window, with its modern shutters, replaces two tall, sash-and-case windows. To north, recessed addition (no. 201)with verandah is also of some age, given lean of roof. Addition has slab-type front door (behind metal storm), and 1/1 replacement front window, with modern shutters. Roof is clad in light-grey asphalt shingles.


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