22 Second Street

Two-storey, simple, red-brick, commercial buildings built in two periods and with varied and altered windows (c. 1900, east; and c. 1950, west).


Description – Older, east portion of flat-roofed building is built of hand-made brick. Masonry is unornamented, aside from (rendered) brick plinth with bevelled top course, and projecting, dentil-like headers at wall-head. Window apertures, with hidden steel lintels, and windows are all later insertions, wall apparently having once been blank. Central doorway is now blocked up, leaving only anomalous, but attractive, canopy on projecting beams, and high-level window (or aperture for air-conditioner) below. Windows to LH and RH sides of former doorway have unusual, steel-framed windows with central upper and lower awning sashes, all over concrete sills. Upper-level glazing is quite different, with older, 5/1 wooden windows (behind metal storms), and also with hidden lintels and concrete sills. Wall-head is flashed with painted, galvanized sheet-metal. To west, newer portion of building has recessed double doorway at LH side and additional, half-glazed modern door and window in centre, with pair of windows with lower awnings to RH side. Upper-floor windows are all two-pane sashes over lower, awning-type sashes (behind metal storms). Wall-head is flashed with rusting, metal flashing. An additional, recessed, brick link-block exists to the east (behind no. 76 Hurontario), with half-glazed door at RH side next to three high-level sashes, and with very wide, metal-framed, industrial-type window at upper floor.



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