229 to 233 Pine Street

Two-storey, symmetrical, red-brick house with projecting, ground-floor, brick bay flanked by flat-roofed verandahs, and with ornate, decorated gable above (c. 1900).


Ground Floor – Another Pine Street anomaly. Central doorway is now half-clad in beaded boards, and half-glazed with fixed sash of 12, elongated panes. Stained-glass transom window remains in segmental arch above, with hood-moulding dropping at sides to meet double stringcourse extending around building. Verandahs have shallow beams extending from masonry out to single, slender wooden columns built off narrow brick piers. Railing is a screen of staggered bricks creating Moorish effect. Lateral windows are 1/1 (behind metal storms) with wooden sills, and segmental arches and hood-mouldings are as at central bay.


Second Floor – Apertures are centred on those below, also with 1/1 windows, and arches, hood-mouldings and double stringcourse as described. Two-panel door, half-glazed with peripheral panes (behind wooden screen), opens onto covered balcony. Ornate balcony has four, chamfered, corner posts with ornate brackets above, and frame housing bands of stubby spindles spanning between. Front railing, with widely spaced pickets and staggered blocking, seems to be original. Soffits have broad, beaded boards and are without brackets.

Gable and Roof – Steep gable crowns balcony and brick bay below, and contains unglazed lunette within radiating boards, with ceramic-and-glass-faced panels between. Narrow gable fascia has decorative shingle moulding only. Hipped roof is clad in light-green asphalt shingles, and one, narrow, red-brick chimney sits at central roof peak.

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