239 Pine Street

Two-storey, gabled house built of early, cast-concrete block, with full-width verandah having perforated block wall and piers, and with turned wooden columns above (c. 1925).


Ground Floor – Full-width verandah has enclosing wall of staggered, cast-concrete blocks with continuous concrete coping above. Verandah deck and steps are of cast-in-situ concrete – perhaps the earliest visible use of this technology within District. Upper verandah structure has traditional wooden columns, bases and capitals. Wall of house is built entirely of same coursed, rock-faced, cast-concrete blocks. Large aperture at LH side has leaded-glass transom over rectangular, single-pane sash (behind six-pane, wooden, storm window) under cast-in-situ lintel, while entrance to right has half-glazed, six-pane, panelled wooden door (behind wooden storm door).


Second Floor and Roof – Upper level has masonry as at ground floor, continuing up to peak of gable. Windows are two 1/1 replacements with concrete sills and lintels. Fascia is narrow and unornamented, and roof is of green shingles.

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