30 Fourth Street East


One-storey, aluminum-clad, pitched-roof house retaining original windows (c. 1930).

Description – House is built over (partly clad) textured, concrete-block foundation. Central, front door, with three upper panes and panels below (behind metal storm door), is reached by recent concrete stair to wide, concrete landing having low, metal, picket railing. Window to left is wide 2/1, while main front fenestration comprises large picture window between two, unequal sash, 1/1 windows (all behind metal storm windows). Doors and windows have simple casings. Wall is clad in aluminum siding, in dark red at two lower lengths (over foundation), and white elsewhere. Gable contains high-level square window, with casings and sill as elsewhere (behind wooden storm). Gable fascia and soffits are also aluminum-clad. Shed-roofed extension to east seems contemporary with rest of house.

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