40 Simcoe Street

One-storey, rug-brick, industrial building with convex corner having central and north entries, roll-up doors to east and north, and several aluminum-framed, picture windows (c. 1950).


Description – Industrial use is somewhat incompatible with the area but the building itself, now some fifty years old, has some intrinsic value. Concave corner has entry centred between large, triple-pane window at LH side and faintly visible, infill panel at RH side. Original, wooden, glazed door remains at corner, with transom window above. Similar door exists at north side, centred between two narrow windows. Fenestration elsewhere is full-height picture windows. Original aluminum glazing frames, including neat corner caps, remain throughout. Rug-brick masonry, with its characteristic recessed pointing, is unornamented, but has interlocking, glazed, terra-cotta tiles at wall-head. A rather funky, industrial, metal chimney with conical hat, exists at roof.



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