45 to 47 Fourth Street East


1½ storey, gambrel-roofed houses with period, full-width verandahs, ground-floor masonry of rock-faced, concrete block and upper floors originally half-timbered and rendered (c. 1925).

Ground Floor – Original, elegant, wooden columns remain at both houses, while low, profiled handrail with fine, closely spaced, pickets remains at no. 47 only, and is much preferable to high railing with turned balusters now at front of no. 45. Beams and mouldings above are original in both cases, while lean-to roof above is clad in black, pre-painted steel at no. 45 and black asphalt shingles at no. 47. Ground-floor masonry is of early, pre-cast concrete with rock-face texture, and lintels are of plain, rough concrete. No. 45 has original, single-pane, lower sash and original transom window (respectively behind six and three-pane storms). Wooden entrance door is half-glazed original (behind aluminum storm), and with transom window above. Doors at no. 47 are similar, as are windows (though in this case with nine-pane, lower and three-pane upper storm windows). A hip-roofed garage built of the same, early, pre-cast concrete blocks exists set back between the two houses.

Second Floor – No. 45 has pair of original, 6/1 windows in wall of rendered panels within rectangular wooden frames. Soffits are of v-jointed boards and gable pediment is clad in asphalt shingles, presumably over painted wooden shingles. No. 47 has similar grouping of windows: these are 6/1, and both wall and gable pediment are clad in horizontal vinyl siding. roofs at both houses have pink (!) asphalt shingles.



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