50 Hurontario Street

Tall, three-bay, two-storey, red-brick building in ABA rhythm, with ornate stone pilaster brackets, stone sills, decorated stone lintels, and machicolation at wall-head (c. 1880).


Ground Floor – A remarkably squat, modern, metal shop-front occupies a potentially lofty aperture. Upper area houses combination of inappropriate plastic canopy and white plywood sign, while fascia above is of three old, horizontal boards. Original wooden cornice above – with pretty pediment housing sun-burst motif in wood – butts into heavy, carved brackets at either side. Pilasters below have render on wire lath, hiding brick, or perhaps stone, beneath.

Second Floor and Parapet – Upper floor is divided into three tall bays housing 1/1 windows at either side, and pair of narrower, segmental-arch, 1/1 windows at central bay (all with metal storms), all with stone sills and lintels. Outer lintels have bevelled lower edge and stone hood-mouldings. Central lintel, with central, incised rosette, spans both windows and has unusual, curved, stepped and pitched stone hood-moulding. Wall above is decorated with double course of dog-toothing brick between brick stringcourses, this motif forming slight pediment at central bay. Four plain, brick pilasters are interrupted by plain band of stone breaks at mid-height. Pilasters step forward at lintel height with very attenuated corbelling, while machicolations at upper wall bring surface forward also. Two corbelled, upper courses within each bay bring recessed masonry forward to plane of parapet. Parapet ends with double course of dog-toothing between brick stringcourses, with rusty metal flashing above.

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