52 to 56 Hurontario Street

Two-storey, three-bay, dichromatic brick building with brick piers, multiple, corbelled voussoirs at round-headed arches, and (inappropriately) rebuilt parapet. (dated 1890).

52 to 56 Hurontario Street

Ground Floor – Brick piers, with stone bases and capitals, have narrow, profiled and incised stone brackets above. Shop-fronts and LH door to upper level appear to be original, while location of painted brick stall-risers suggests older materials behind. Huge fascia is clad in vertical, v-jointed boards with original cornice possibly boxed-in above, though period fascia appears to be lost. Modest but mismatched signage is dwarfed enormity of fascia.


Second Floor – Three bays of red brick, each with central, round-arch window within double band of corbelled, rowlock voussoirs within outer hood-moulding – all built off brick imposts and with scroll-type brick keystones. Stone sills show signs of settlement, while 1/1 metal-frame windows and fixed, rectangluar sash above replace original, 2/2 round-headed windows (see block to south). Bays are articulated by buff-brick pilasters without bases, but with unusual, moulded, stone capitals. Single course of corbelled brick frames top of wall masonry. Pointing has been vigorously cut out and replaced.

Parapet – Some extraordinary rebuilding has been done at parapet level. In contrast to similar units to south, parapet is interrupted by ungainly piers built off pilaster capitals. Masonry between these piers is uncharacteristically plain, only ornament being prominence of mortar joints. Central stone panel (“Smart’s Flowers, 1890 A.D.”), framed by header bricks, interrupts lone decorative brick stringcourse extending across parapet and piers alike.

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