Award – 167 Minnesota Street

Mr. & Mrs. Dawson, owners of 167 Minnesota Street, have renovated and restored this stately Queen Anne Revival style home.


Originally built as the Charles Stephens residence in 1901, the home was designated as a Collingwood Heritage building in 1979. When it was completed in the Spring of 1899, this stately mansion won the lavish praise of the local press. Built by the Bryan Manufacturing Company in the fanciful Queen Anne Revival style, the house was hailed as the finest residence in town.

“Amongst the beautiful and palatial dwellings that are the proud boast of Collingwood citizens, the handsome residence just completed for Mr. C.E. Stephens at the corner of Minnesota and Ontario streets occupies pre-eminently the first place,” the Enterprise-Messenger pronounced on May 25, 1899. “Everything that wealth and good taste could suggest to create a home, elegant, cozy, comfortable and complete has been utilized in its construction.”

Mr. and Mrs. Dawson have done extensive restoration work to the front wall of the home, the slate roof and the veranda.

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