Award – 227 Minnesota Street

227 Minnesota Street - Heritage Award

227 Minnesota Street – The Birches

· “The Birches” circa 1860’s constructed with rough-cast over plank on plank method by the Palin family. The property is one of the first houses designated as a Collingwood Heritage building in 1983.

· Richard & Anna Abbott purchased the property in 2011; from Susan Harvie whose family had been the owners since 1946.

· The Abbotts started renovating the interior of the house in 2012. In 2014 they turned their attention to the restoration of the verandah and second floor balcony. The balcony had originally been added 1908.

· The flagpole in the front yard was made from a ship’s mast. The Abbotts have highlighted this feature with a hand-laid flagstone path surrounding it leading to the house.

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