Award – 85 Hurontario Street


Richard and Anke Lex, owners of 85 Hurontario Street, have created an amazing transformation to their building, now the home of Clerkson’s Antiques, Country Furniture and Gifts.

The building was erected by Rev. Lawrence Kirkby of All Saint’s Anglican Church in 1882. It has housed many businesses over the years including a grocery, a bookstore, and more recently insurance, barbershop and show repair.

Mr. & Mrs. Lex purchased the building in 2003 have devoted many hours to the renovation of the building with great attention to detail. “It ended up the way we envisioned it,” said Richard. “Before we even had a tenant, we decided the way it would look. We were more than halfway through when we approached by Clerkson’s. It really was a very good match.”

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