Heritage Grant Guidelines – Application and Grant Process

The following steps are to be followed when funding through the Heritage Grant Program is requested:

— The property owner should consult with the Collingwood Building Department as early as possible in the planning of the project to determine whether the proposed project is eligible for funding and what funding, if any, is available.

— The property owner will show confirmation that property taxes are in good standing, no outstanding work orders (Building Services, Fire Dept. and Property Standards).

— The property owner will submit an application for a Heritage Grant Program to the Heritage Advisory Committee. Grant applications are accepted between October 1st and December 15th each year. The application will include all details necessary for a full understanding of the proposed work (i.e. materials to be used, dimensions, mortar mixes, cleaning chemicals for masonry, etc.). Where necessary, Building Services may request additional plans, specifications, drawings or photos.

— Building Services will review the application and submit the completed application form to the Collingwood Heritage Advisory Committee. Each application will be graded on a scale of 1 to 5 accordingly for merits of the proposed project as outlined in the General Provisions. Consideration will also be given as to any past funding received for projects on the same building.

— The Collingwood Advisory Heritage Committee may visit the building, discuss the proposed work with the owner, and prepare comments on the proposed project.

— The property owner will be advised of the Collingwood Heritage Committee’s decision regarding their application, and conditions, if any, regarding the application, by mail. All permits for work covered by the grant must be finalized within the year the grant was allotted. No funding may be carried over to the next calendar year.

— If a grant is allotted to a project, the owner must complete the project before December 15th in the year the funding was approved. If the owner fails to complete the project, the Collingwood Heritage Committee may refuse funding for future applications.

— The property owner will obtain a Heritage Building permit and is required to contact the Collingwood Building Department concerning any changes to the project that are proposed during the course of the work. Note: Collingwood Heritage Advisory Committee approval is based on the initial application and any deviation from this initial application may result in the project being refused funding.

— The property owner is responsible for overseeing the work and ensuring that the contractor is aware of Collingwood Heritage Advisory Committee requirements for this project.

— The property owner is responsible to arrange all required building inspections. Town of Collingwood Building Service is to be advised when the work is completed and the project will then be inspected to ensure conformity to the application submitted.

— The grant will be paid to the property owner by the Town of Collingwood once the work has been approved and on the basis of the receipts for project costs. All invoices must be submitted by December 15th the year the grant was allocated.

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