Heritage Grant Guidelines – Overview of Guidelines

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Provided are more detailed Guidelines for some eligible projects.

1) Roofing and Siding Materials

The conservation, reconstruction or restoration of original roofing materials deals exclusively with historical materials. Eligible Roofing Materials may include wooden shingles, shakes, board roofing, metal roofing (copper, zinc, tin or tern plate), clay, tile and slate.

The conservation, reconstruction or restoration of original siding materials might include repair and replacement of wood clapboard or board and batten, repair and repointing of masonry buildings, stucco repair, removal of contemporary material (i.e. aluminum siding) and replacement with original material.

2) Masonry

Masonry work is only eligible if the materials and methods used will not cause harm to the historic masonry and all work shall be consistent with the Annotated Master Specifications for the Cleaning and Repointing of Historic Masonry.

In repointing, the repointed areas are to match the historic mortar in colour, texture, joint width and profile. Samples of the original mortar and photographs of the original joint should be submitted with the application to document the original work. Cleaning of masonry buildings is only eligible when it is necessary for the buildings preservation and if appropriate methods are used.

3) Stucco

The conservation, reconstruction or restoration of stucco is eligible where it is known to have been the historic material. The stuccowork must replicate the original or historic rendering in colour, materials, application methods and texture.

4) Windows, Screens, and Storm Windows

The conservation, reconstruction or restoration of original windows, screens and storm windows deals exclusively with historical materials. Storm windows are only eligible if there is historical evidence of the use of storm windows on the designated structure. All windows must be replicas of the original in both style and material.

5) Eavestroughing

The restoration of gutters and down pipes may be eligible only when these items are considered to be a significant architectural feature of the building. This would include gutters and down pipes of now rarely used but lon lasting materials such as copper and lead and which incorporate decorative elements. Also included are Gutters that are built into the building cornice.

6) Painting of the Exterior in Historic Colours

Designated structures may receive a grant for exterior painting. Collingwood Heritage Advisory Committee must approve the location of the paint and the colour. Once completed, it is the homeowners’ responsibility to do maintenance.

7) Interior

Interior work is only eligible for the conservation, reconstruction or restoration of features specifically referred to in the Reasons for Designation. Eligible interior work may include woodwork, plasterwork, wall or ceiling murals specified in the Reasons for Designation.

8) Structure

Work necessary to restore the building to structural soundness, but not including structural work to accommodate modern renovations is eligible. Routine maintenance and additions are not eligible work.

9) Technical Services

Sometimes a property owner may encounter a situation beyond the scope and experience of the Collingwood Heritage Advisory Committee. In these cases, where the expertise of a restoration architect or structural engineer is required, a portion of the grant will be allocated to hiring a professional for technical advice.

Eligible projects include, but are not limited, to the items mentioned above. Please contact the Heritage Advisory Committee for further details.

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