Nick Hodson

Gifted Collingwood artist, the late Nick Hodson, captured Collingwood’s heritage in sketches and paintings.

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You simply couldn’t have met a more kind, gentle, genuine person if you tried. Nick Hodson was as humble as he was talented. Nicholas Hodson passed away peacefully on Saturday January 12, 2013 at the Collingwood General & Marine Hospital in his 97th year.

Thankfully, Nick’s outstanding work will live on for generations to enjoy. His sketches and paintings provide snapshots into Collingwood’s proud past. He has given us sketches and paintings of Collingwood landmarks, historic buildings, the harbour, shipyards, and Admiral Collingwood himself.



Nick Hodson was a familiar face at the former Trott’s Furniture on Collingwood’s main street. After retirement, Nick was able to spend time doing what he loved most. He had a basement studio in his Hurontario Street home and it was there that Nick’s incredible creativity brought Collingwood memories back to life again.

Admiral Collingwood (above centre, bottom left)


Ship launch – Collingwood Shipyards

Nottawasaga Island Lighthouse – Shannon’s Bridge over Pretty River

One of Nick Hodson’s final showings was at the Georgian Frame Gallery in Downtown Collingwood. Mr. Hodson was displaying his most recent work at the time, The Ski Barn. He is joined in the photograph by Margot Nicholson-Trott

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